Kali Bailey: Art Therapy weekend 19th-21st May

This is an incredible workshop for those wishing to explore their inner (creative) self in a fun, safe and relaxed way FOR A WHOLE WEEKEND!

Arriving Friday afternoon / evening you will meet the other participants, get settled in your room and start to allow your ‘everyday day’ life to ‘drop away’ as you have given yourself permission to be here to immerse in a weekend of Art and discovery. Feelings of excitement, nervousness, unsureness may start bubbling. This is great. You are exactly where you are meant to be right now! Enjoy a beautiful dinner. (provided by the Go Create team, if you have ordered this when booking your accommodation).

All offerings are optional and you have the choice to participate…but isn’t this the reason you came… to try something different? Also, some activities will be weather dependent.

Saturday will begin with an early-ish rise for a relaxed walk on the land. Sit and melt into the surrounding sounds, smells and textures of nature. Be guided in a short meditation to connect with yourself and opening to whatever shows up in the creative space today. Followed by a simple continental breakfast and entering the studio to begin the workshop.

You will be guided through an art process, invited to ‘interact’ with your art and share with the group. This often leads to insights that seemingly ‘come from nowhere’.

Time for sustenance with a yummy lunch provided by the Go Create team, (be sure to order when booking your accommodation).

In the afternoon, the second process will drop you deeper into exploring your inner (creative) self through the Art. Again, there will be time for engaging with your creations and sharing with the group.

The ‘official’ workshop time will be closed with a unique meditation. After which, there will be time for yourself, talking with others and getting ready for a sumptuous dinner.

Sunday – repeat…dropping even deeper.
We will finish the day a little earlier, so you may travel home.
No art experience necessary as it’s not about creating the “perfect” piece of art, it’s about the process. You do not need to be an artist to do Art Therapy.

Kali is an experienced Creative Arts Therapist who provides you with a safe, non-judgemental space to create and discover. It really is a gift to yourself and you deserve it.

Simply come with an open mind and an open heart – ready to explore, let go, play, laugh, maybe
cry (and that’s perfectly OK) & have fun!


For Bookings, contact Kali directly on 0458 210 301 or email essencehandartsoul@yahoo.com.au



Art therapy is about immersing and discovering in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Come along and meet some like – minded “inner” adventurers and experience the difference of exploring through Art for a whole amazing weekend.

Here’s what some past Art Therapy participants have had to say about Kali’s workshops:

When are you going to have a whole weekend Art Therapy workshop? I’m in!
“If you get the chance to do this workshop, DO IT! I always find out so much about myself. Sure, it may be scary to wonder what is going to happen, but I have LOVED IT. Every time I do these workshops, another layer comes off & there are some more gifts. Some gifts show up straight away, others turn up days or even weeks later. We have so much fun.” Anna H. Inverell, NSW

“A fun, safe and creative space to explore areas of brain/heart/mind that often are ignored. Great to reconnect with my inner child.” Nat C. Uki, NSW

“Creating the connection between your thoughts and emotions through art (pictures) to explain and tell a story to yourself and to others (if you wish) is quite powerful.” Simon. Uki, NSW

“I feel blessed to finally participate. What a beautiful space to express myself through art and feel safe to be my authentic self.” Natalie C. Moree, NSW

“Freedom to be the real you.” Jenny L. Glen Innes, NSW

“I needed to spend time and space on me to regain my oomph! Today was so precious, it gave me back to me. Thank you Kali.” Marie W. Inverell, NSW

“An amazing, insightful afternoon looking into my soul, surrounded by a circle of women protecting me. Thank you.” Donna T. Inverell, NSW

Please understand, this is not a “normal” art / craft class weekend. It is an Art Therapy Workshop. It will involve guided meditation / visualisation, immersing in creating art using a variety of mediums, engaging with your art and interacting with others in a completely different way.

I have a comprehensive set of parameters which I discuss at the beginning of the day / workshop.
These include things such as:

~ confidentiality,
~ being fully present to each person,
~ sharing from the heart,
~ refraining from judgements (speaking them)
~ respect for each person’s belief system,
~ communication
~ and a few others.

They are important to create the safety required within the group, which helps you to drop in to your wise body & share from that, often vulnerable, place of your deep inner truth (rather than a superficial level, with “the mask” firmly in place!).

I offer the opportunity for each person to do something different, by helping create & hold safe space for you to connect with your creative center & to express freely through art.

It’s not about creating the perfect piece of art, it’s about the process.

“Get outta your mind & into the art process. Trust the process!”

I am passionate about the power of creating within a group, as surprising restorative changes often emerge within each individual. This may occur during the art processes and sharing or in the days, weeks and months that follow.

When a group gathers, not just to create images, but to also work with them, it changes from that of a “normal” art class, to something that allows individual healing and growth to occur. An important part of the process is sharing your art creations with the group.

Workshops allow time, and provide a sacred space / location for this to occur. For each person to feel the security / safety created by myself and the other members of the group, for art making, for sharing and for discussion / debriefing.

It is deceptively powerful work, which needs to be honoured and treated as sacred.

I absolutely love facilitating & simply witnessing the power of the art & where it takes each person.

Looking forward to meeting you in juicy art space.

If you have any questions, please call so I can discuss these with you personally, 0458 210 301.

With love & gratitude


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