Louise Corke: Unleashing Passionate Pastel Renditions 6-7 May


Break away from your usual way of working with pastels: lavish liquids onto your pastel charged surfaces, slash colour across the page, mix in medium combinations and muse the concept of abstracted reality.

This workshop will ensure you grasp the concept that pastels can do anything – well almost!

Self expression requires an abandonment of the usual, an arsenal of tools and self permission. We shall explore who we are and unravel some methods that will marry well with your own uniqueness. From this vantage point we can begin to create a port folio of ideas that will sit comfortably within you.

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What you can hope to achieve:

  • Exposure to and experimentation with some of the alternative ways of using pastels
  • Prepare at least two small studies from these experiments
  • An understanding of yourself that will directly influence your art methodology
  • Understand your aims, aspirations and values for genre development
  • Develop an arsenal of tools for self expression
  • Prepare at least 1 small artwork that reflects a new more confident you – expressive and passionate
  • Materials Required:
  • Art Spectrum Suede paper – white x 1 sheet – supplied
  • Art Spectrum Colour Fix paper – white 1 sheet – supplied
  • Fisher pastel paper – supplied
  • Canvas sketch paper – supplied
  • An assortment of pastels – please bring “artist quality” pastels (not artists pastels)
  • An assortment of charcoal – such as willow, compressed and pencils
  • Faber Castell – putty rubber
  • Art Spectrum Clear Pastel Primer – ensure you get this brand
  • A small piece of sponge – any type of sponge will be fine
  • Cheap Nylon flat 1 inch brush
  • Spray bottle
  • Methylated Spirits – supplied
  • Collage papers, inks – supplied
  • Hand wipes plus a cloth rag
  • Easels
  • Sketch pad for art ideas and note taking and a pen
  • Supplied materials – $50 per person
  • If you are a fast worker you may need to bring along extra paper


  • Bring along photos. One project will revolve around trees so bring along some of your own sketches and photos of trees.
  • Bring along a variety of photos of anything that you love or from which you plan to someday use as inspiration for a painting. 6–10 images would suffice.
  • You will use these as a base for your experiments or alternatively you can work from some still life props (supplied or BYO if preferred)
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