Accommodation options

We want our guests to be able to come and spend a few days with us to completely relax and enjoy the creative experience. That’s why we have accommodation right here at Go Create. We offer three main options:


Studio: The first is a queen room in the end of the studio. You will share the bathroom and kitchenette during the day with the other guests, but overnight it is all yours. You can stumble out of bed and pick up your needle or paint brush right where you left it the day before only metres from your bed.


Flat: The second is a granny flat style room which can sleep up to four (one queen and two singles). It has its own bathroom attached and guests can use the kitchen in the main house as they need. You sleep surrounded by the peaceful garden of the homestead at The Hill.


Experts Hut: The third option is the “Experts Hut”. This is a short walk along the driveway and sleeps up to 4 with various bedding arrangements possible. The Experts Hut has its own kitchenette and bathroom. You will feel totally immersed in the farm feeling being close to the woolshed and other shearers quarters.


Pricing: All the accommodation options listed above are $90/room/night. The rooms are all kept clean and comfortable especially for our Go Create guests.

Meal options

While you enjoy your chosen art form we offer to cook for you as well. Morning teas are included in your workshop fees and a selection of cakes, fruit and cheeses will be on offer.


We provide lunches for an extra $15 and dinners for $25 per person. We are happy to cater for any special needs as we do all our own cooking. We have a large vegetable garden which produces fresh food almost all year round.


A Go Create lunch will usually include salads, fruit, cheese, quiche or soup and something sweet. Dinners at Go Create are geared towards whoever is eating with us, but anything is possible from roasts to vegetarian lasagne and anything in between. Please advise of any dietary requirements when booking. Vicki and Kath enjoy their cooking and try to make every meal tasty and interesting.