Mirella Vassallo: Encaustics 19-20 May

Photo encaustics. An exciting encaustic workshop for all levels …beginner to advanced. Make art from photos. Learn about materials, techniques and how to tweak your existing encaustic skills to suit their application to photos. From basic encaustic wax over photos to more intricate detail of enhancing them with collage using a variety of objects, found or sentimental small mementos. No need to be a photographer even bad photos can become good art. Unleash your creativity and experiment adding your personal touch with skills learnt, brushstrokes, rich imagery, collage, drip, & colour glazes.

Wax has the ability to refract light in unique ways adding otherworldly and ephemeral qualities to your photos. This workshop will give you the working knowledge of this versatile medium and processes so you can explore and further develop your creative style.

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