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Mirella Vassallo and Encaustics

Encaustics with Mirella VassalloEncaustics with Mirella Vassallo encaustics

Encaustics is one of the oldest art forms in the world. Wax is a very versatile and interesting medium to work with. Once heated, it adheres to almost anything porous and can have pigment added to it or can remain quite clear.

Mirella packed in a whole range of new skills into this two day encaustics workshop. She taught some great techniques for adding colour to your enacustics work without needing pigments in the wax. There were various fabrics dyed with rust and with coloured inks, along with papers mono-printed like the one in this photo. Students also had a go at all sorts of finishing techniques once they had embedded fabrics and papers into their layers of wax.

Mirella is off to Italy soon to teach and learn more in encaustics. We’re looking forward to hosting her again with her new knowledge when she returns.

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