Jane Atkinson: Contemporary Lace

PictureJane Atkinson, from the UK, came to the Studio in October 2013 to teach contemporary bobbin lace making using unusual materials and lots of colour. She taught using her book, Contemporary Lace for You, as a teaching aid. Students were encouraged to bring a photo of an inspiring pattern. These could be from nature and most students found something in their own landscape that they were interested in, such as bark or rock patterns. They then used these to create their own unique lace design that could be made into a scarf, table runner or anything else they so wished.

Most students found they were stretched creatively and enjoyed learning an entirely new process that they can now apply to their ongoing projects. They enjoyed seeing the possibilities come to life as they progressed through with Jane’s assistance and the other participants’ encouragement. That is the beauty of a workshop experience!

See more of Jane’s work on her website:http://www.contemporarylace.com

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