Polly Giacchina: New Fibre Surfaces

PictureMy head is still buzzing from the amount of information gleaned in this workshop. Over the three days Polly taught us coiling, twining, knotless netting and cobbling. We used as many different types of fibres as we could lay our hands on. Anything from electrical wire to grape vine and everything in between were coiled and twined and crocheted up into baskets and sculptural pieces. Polly inspired us with some of her work that she had brought and photos of other larger pieces that she couldn’t transport. She did not hold back on any information and happily dissected all her works for us all to learn from. She is a very generous teacher and succeeded in motivating all of us, as varied as we were (an age range of nearly 60 years!) to try all sorts of techniques and to bend them to what we want for now and the future.

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