Jan Clark: Hidden Colour 13-14 May


In this class you’ll work with many textures and colours in fabrics. Use free motion machining and reverse applique to sew a new embellished fabric that can be used for clothing bags or cushions etc.

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Date: 13-14 May 2017

Price: $220 (earlybird) $260 (late booking)

This workshop focuses on the technique of reverse applique, or ‘layering down’. We will sew multiple layers of fabrics with free motion machining and cut away the layers to reveal what lies beneath. Traditionally this technique is used with solid colours but in a contemporary context we will use many unexpected and difficult fabrics that are on their best behaviour when sewn this way. As a theme for learning the technique we will use the work of Hundertwasser for inspiration but it is not compulsory. If you have an idea you want to follow with reverse applique I will help you develop that. Reverse applique extends the possibilities of layered fabrics and I have found it amazingly useful.

Hundertwasser was an eccentric German painter/architect who took the quirky figurative worlds of Klee and Miro forward into the mid twentieth century. He developed a personal symbolism and colour palette that set him outside the formal paths of Modernism but established him as formidable artist.

In this workshop we follow his decorative style of intense colour and flattened perspective and use it to explore the creative technique of reverse applique. Hundertwasser’s lively landscapes of lines and wobbly rectangles lend themselves perfectly to the qualities of reverse applique.

We will make some samples and then use these skills to make a small art textile reflecting Hundertwasser’s playful world. You will leave the workshop with the skills of reverse applique and the ability to develop these for your own work.


We will be using free motion machining so the feed dogs will be lowered and sewing will be done with the darning foot, or other suitable foot. Some experience in free motion machining, or stippling, will be necessary for you to get the most benefit from this class. I am not a machine mechanic so if you have trouble with your machine I won’t be able to fix it.

• a notebook is essential, there will be many techniques, hints and tips.

• sewing machine with darning foot or quilting foot for free motion machine stitching.

• Sharp pointed scissors for detailed cutting into fabric.

• Pins (long quilting preferred) and usual sewing equipment.

• Threads that will blend with your colour range, variegated colours often work well with these techniques.

• power board and extension cord.

• Hundertwasser used strong rainbow colours in most of his work. You can follow this heme or choose your own. Solid, hand dyed and patterned colours are fine. A range of different fabrics, synthetics, glitz, lace, will also add richness. The choice is yours.