Rhonda Ellem: Repeat Handblock Printing

Rhonda Ellem’s exciting workshop on repeat handblock printing went really quickly. Over the weekend Rhonda showed us how to draw up3 different types of printing blocks using lino. We all completed art prints, repeat printed fabric and a small concertina book showcasing the class work. Most of us had limited experience cutting or printing with lino, so it was with delight that we discovered we could make beautiful prints with only a weekend with Rhonda to learn.[/vc_column_text]


Our second block came from our own imagination and students printed animals, patterns, flowers etc on blacks that fitted into each other across and down to create a seamless pattern.

The third block used scraps of lino incorporated into one block to create interesting patterns and shapes.

Rhonda supplied a variety of fabrics, inks and papers for us to try.

We used our own inspiration as well as a large array of books brought in by Rhonda to design a small block fitting into a standard repeat block shape. Rhonda sent us outside into the landscape surrounding the studio to pick a subject. Students printed their own drawn images based on leaves and grasses, barbed wire fences, rocks and giant lace patterns.

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